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JK48V100 A Rack Mountable Design LiFePO4 Battery

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 Option 1 : Standard Telecom Cabinet Install

The classic installation is parallel 48V packs as per electricity consumption. Most useful installtions are 48v 200ah, 48v 500ah, and 48v 1000ah. Or in some cases, people want to have like 48v 1200ah, 48v 1300ah, and 48v 1500ah.

For all of those above mentioned installtion, a standard Telecom cabinet will be required, in ordered to arrange the battery pack well, and arrange wires profesionally.

To do this:

After you received the battery packs, normally packed by 2 layers of carton boxes, and with pallet, thoroughly inspect the packaging upon receipt of goods. If there is any item that is missing or if there is any damage to the external packaging or to the unit itself upon unpacking, please contact the supplier immediately. And then:

  1. Choose suitable standard 19”telecom cabinet.
  2. Find side handler and screw in each battery package.
  3. Fix side handler and screw on each battery pack.
  4. Insert battery pack inside cabinet and complete the wiring.
48v100ah lifepo4 battery rack mounting example
Example of Telecom cabinet install
48v100ah standard 5U dimension
48v100ah standard 5U dimension
48v200ah standard 5U installation
48v200ah standard 5U installation
48v100ah standard 5U dimension
Standard 5U size 48v100ah lifepo4 battery
48v500ah standard 5U installation
48v500ah standard 5U installation

500Ah is a most popular configuration for home solar off-grid system, in consideration of cost, power consumption, lifepo4 battery storage place, etc.

25.6Kilo Watts reserved power allows a family to use house hold electrical equipment normally for 1-2 days, without worry, even in severe bad weather without charging the batteries.

The Deep Cycle  of LiFePO4 Battery give a reliable support for home storage power.

48v1000ah standard 5U installation
48v1000ah standard 5U installation

1000Ah LiFePO4 battery system is also a good option to install. This gives a permanant solution for home off-gird, as well as farm and other industrial uses.

 Option 2 : Economic Installation Method

For many of us, before we purchase a system, we will prefer to buy 1 or 2 pcs install for testing first. In this case, it is not economic to purchase a large cabinet in this stage to accomandate the lifepo4 battery packs.

In consideration of this, Jakiper has made a design for each 48V100Ah pack side handler, each handler has 6 screws, they can be fixed on 1 pack while installing in cabinet, and they can also be fixed between each 2 packs of 48V100Ah.

In this installtion method, it is suggested to find a simple table with height above 300mm, and battery packs sit on the table.

48v200ah economic installtion
Side handler installed between each 2 packs
48v200ah lifepo4 installation
Suggested to install with panel face upwards
48v200ah lifepo4 installation
Example of 2 packs installtion
48v300ah lifepo4 installation
Example of 3 packs installtion


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    I like the product and price point.

    However, given where we are and the delays in shipping etc I would feel more comfortable buying from your dealers in the USA or Canada who hopefully have the product in stock.


    Joe Otavnik

  2. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It is the little changes that will make the largest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you have any sites installed in australia? if yes please provide site details to enable us to contact the customer to get there experience please

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    JK48V100 A Rack Mountable Design LiFePO4 Battery – JAKIPER BATTERY

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