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Jakiper 48V100Ah LiFePO4 battery pack designed as a serial product.

JK48V100 is basic model     JK48V100PRO is upgraded model.

Using 16S 3.2V 100Ah brand new grade A cells, with smart BMS built-in, LCD display for reading, PC software for setting & diagnose.

Basic model:

  • Able to connect and communicate with PC.
  • Able to read pack parameter setting and running signals.
  • Able to adjust settings.

Professional model:

  • Battery pack connect communication cable with inverter, communicate with inverter.
  • Able to connect and communicate with PC.
  • Able to read pack parameter setting and running signals.
  • Able to adjust settings.

LCD Monitor


Rack Mountable

Adjustable Protection Parameter

Smart BMS

High Capacity

Unlimited Parallel

Lighter Battery

Smaller Size

JK48V100PRO Product Analysis



Nominal VoltageNominal Voltage

51.2V (48V System)

Nominal CapacityNominal Capacity

100 Ah (Cell Average 107Ah)

Dimension (LxWxH)Dimension (LxWxH)


Approx. WeightApprox. Weight

48.5 Kg 

Capacity Test @ 20ACapacity Test @ 20A

>300 mins

Energy Energy

5120Wh(Factory test>5170Wh)


< 50mΩ

Self DischargeSelf Discharge

< 3%


3.2V 100Ah Cells

Recommended Charge CurrentRecommended Charge Current

20 A

Maximum Charge CurrentMaximum Charge Current

100 A

Recommended Charge VoltageRecommended Charge Voltage

56(initial charge)-58.4 V (after 30 cycles)

BMS Charge Cut-Off VoltageBMS Charge Cut-Off Voltage

> 58.4 V (or cell >3.7 V)

Over Charging Protection ReleaseOver Charging Protection Release

< 54 V (and cell <3.38 V)

Balancing Start (During Charging Only)Balancing Start (During Charging Only)

Cell > 3.3 V & Voltage difference > 20mV

Maximum Continuous Dishcarge CurrentMaximum Continuous Dishcarge Current

100 A

BMS Discharge Current High WarningBMS Discharge Current High Warning

105 A

BMS Discharge Cut-Off CurrentBMS Discharge Cut-Off Current

110 A (7000ms)

Low Voltage WarningLow Voltage Warning

44.8 V ( 2.8 V/Cell*16)

BMS Discharge Cut-Off VoltageBMS Discharge Cut-Off Voltage

<43.2 V  (Or cell< 2.5 V)

Over Discharge Protection ReleaseOver Discharge Protection Release

>47.2 V ( and cell >2.9 V)

Short Circuit ProtectionShort Circuit Protection

350 μs

Terminal TypeTerminal Type

M8x4 (Positive x 2, Negative x 2)

Output Terminal TorqueOutput Terminal Torque

106 ~ 132 in-lbs ( 12 ~ 15 N·m )

Case MaterialCase Material


Recommended Connection WireRecommended Connection Wire

Busbar or 6 AWG

Temperature Sensor QuantityTemperature Sensor Quantity

6 pcs

Discharge TemperatureDischarge Temperature

 – 4 ~ 158 °F ( – 20 ~ 70 °C )

Charge TemperatureCharge Temperature

 32 ~ 158 °F ( 0 ~ 70 °C )

Storage TemperatureStorage Temperature

 – 23 ~ 95 °F ( – 5 ~ 35 °C )

BMS High Temperature Cut-OffBMS High Temperature Cut-Off

 158 °F ( 70 °C )

Reconnect TemperatureReconnect Temperature

 Cell 140 °F ( 60 °C )

JK48V100 Product Analysis



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